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video will not load to youtube

Hello Joe Clarke

thank you  for this link.

 Now I still cannot load my video up to You Tube/I think it might have to do with sparkol. not my computer or You Tube. It also draws the characters  painfully slow for the uploading.

Because to test the uploading I put one up from my Animoto  Account and that video went up and is on You tube, no trouble.

I have two previous Sparkol videos that uploaded ok. but some time ago. Do not know what is causing this problem. Also I have put in the correct  password and email to access YouTube in the Sparkol uploading video..

thanking you in anticipation


Hi Patricia,

I think you have a ticket for this.

Can you confirm if the upload fails at all or if it is slow?

The speed of the render depends on many factors as advised in your ticket.

IF you're having issues uploading to Youtube which is not down to how long it is taking, please look at the advice on this Instant Answer

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