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Product suggestions

I've been using the program for a few months now and I like it allot. I've just finished working a on set of 6 videos using the program, and have a few suggestons.

1) Put the name of the file in the header, next to where it says Videoscribe. I had to be very careful that I didn't save the file to the wrong file.

2) Some kind of ruler tool or grid to help with alignment of font or elements. I had a couple of text builds and it was not easy to align them. Look at photoshop as an example. 

3)  A more precise way of scaling graphics. It would be nice to have a dialog box where I can say size is XX. or even XX%. Trying to do it on the fly with the mouse is frustrating when trying to layout the whiteboard. 

4) More control over Font, specifically over kerning and leading. 

I'm looking forward to your next release.


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Hi Brent, thanks for the suggestions.

They way Ideas and features works is that people will vote on suggestions posted and we consider implementing the popular suggestions.

If you have a number of suggestions it would be best to add them as a single idea so it is easier for people to vote and we will know which suggestion is being voted for.

Just to let you know, we are looking at your second suggestion for version 2.1.

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