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Lost video!

Help... I have just spent 5 hours making a clip using the videoscribe app. I am able to see a preview of the clip but when I open the scribe it says that the canvas is blank!!! Need some ideas!
customer support works monday through friday during UK business hours, so you should have a reply by tomorrow.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Michelle,

Sorry that you are having problems with this.

If you can't see your text/images on the canvas, but you are able to preview them, it may be that you are zoomed too far in/out to see the elements. To check if this is the case, click/tap twice on an icon in your timeline- this should move your view to that image/text.
If this doesn't resolve the issue for you please save your scribe in your online (cloud) folder and raise a support ticket detailing the steps you are taking, what you expect to happen, and the issue that occurs instead.

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