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Ability to control line spacing (line height)

If you are creating a training or explainer video, you may have a fair amount of text.

Lines that are spaced too closely, create readability problems for the user.

In version 2, I believe that the only way to add space between lines (also called 'leading" or 'line height') is to place each line in a separate text box and position them manually.

This is a lot of work and also it may be difficult to space multiple lines accurately.

I propose that you add the ability to specify the vertical distance between lines.


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Has this now been an issue for 7 years? Please help!  I've managed it in the past but now have a project that requires lots of stacked text (names, etc), and the there is too much space between each line. I have to create two text boxes instead and do quite a bit of manual work. Then to move them around again and again is a bit frustrating. Which brings me to a fix I requested several years ago: the ability to group images for easier moving. Are either of the above fixes in development? Thanks!

It's not in the immediate plans, we've made a number improvements to text in v3.6 with more languages, cursve support, HD resolution and better kerning so we're working on other areas at the moment.  

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