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creating svg

Hi, I am new to VideoScribe and just trying to create my own image to import to the app.

I handwrote an image, scaned it into computer, Edit in Photoshop to get png file, import the png to inkscape, draw lines in the top layer, made the lines hidden and saved as svg file. But when I import this to VideoScribe the result doesnt look realistic.

Could you help me please?

Thanks, Marek

my4.svg my4.svg
3.5 KB

Hi Marek, 

Thanks for your question.

Can you retry the process but this time ensure the png is embedded into InkScape when you are asked.

If you still have the problem after that, please save the file (embedded) to your response and we can take a look at it.

Creating a SVG image with CORELDRAW X7 but not proper working as required.

Actually I want this type of result :


FTA file

2.svg 2.svg
1.42 KB

Hi Inbox,

When I opened your SVG in Adobe Illustrator, the stroke widths were set to over 150px. I reduced them to 10px and it works fine now. See attached.

3.svg 3.svg
1.35 KB

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