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Moving out

Hi, i try to place Icons which moves in and after a while I want that they move it also possible and how?


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Move Out is not currently a feature of videoscribe. However you could move the camera instead of the element or you could use morph to move them if they are SVGs.

link to videoscribe tutorials:

-Mike (videoscribe user)


When do you plan "Move out" take into the program?
A morph is  not sufficient. It is supposed, for example, a hand come and take away the element and then a hand come and insert a new element.
A "Move out" really is important!


I agree with Edith here...

Move Out is a BADLY NEEDED feature. This would be a GREAT product enhancement.

What I am doing in the interim to get around this limitation is covering the objects I want to remove with copied pieces of the background at the time I want them to disappear. This is easy if the background is white or a solid color. However, it gets tricky if you have a photograph or other complex features behind the objects that you want to remove.

Two years later and still no move out feature ? Do you still have developers out there ??

There is a thread about this feature in the feature request section and apparently it has been placed on the development list:

...but it only has 14 likes so far, so it is probably not a priority. If you want to help make it more of a priority, be sure to LIKE that topic.

-Mike (videoscribe user)
Done, thanks Mike

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