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Missing numbers

I was hoping that the new version would have fixed this issue but apparently not.  I need to type in numbers like 285.2.  There is always, and I mean always, a digit missing.  This time it's 8, last time it was 6, etc.  As a chem teacher, this platform is getting more and more useless to me if I cannot use numbers in my lecture without signing out and using Inkscape.  No matter how many times I try to re-do this, you are always deleting digits.  Either fix this or refund.  I'm a bit tired of this.

Hi Mindy

Sorry that you are having trouble with numbers. Does this happen when you are previewing the scribe or after you have exported it as a video file? Is it just when you use a decimal point and does it happen on all scribes? Do you have an example of this - maybe you have a scribe saved to your online (cloud) directory that exhibits this problem. If you let me know the name of the scribe I can take a look at it for you.

It might be only when I use a decimal pt but I don't think so.  It seems to be a random and annoying occurrence that happens frequently.  I just saved my latest to the cloud and it's called "Thermodynamics, Part 3."  I left the number with the missing digits there.  It's not rendered because I just started working on it.  Thanks for your help in advance.

Hi Mindy, thanks for the update and sharing the scribe with us.

The problem you are having is a known issue in 1.3 with Calibri font not allowing certain numerical digits.

It seems to only effect Calibri fonts.

I had a look and the Calibri font you have was imported in version 1.3.

Calibri Bold is not an option in version 2 although deleting this font and installing another Calibri font

whilst using version 2.0.2 will resolve your issue.

Thank you so much!  I will see what other fonts give me that same look!  I appreciate your help!

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