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Adding subtitles

I use VideoScribe for my classroom, and some of my students have hearing difficulties. Can I add subtitles (I currently use Camtasia's speech-to-text feature for my other class videos). or do I need to embed my scribes in Camtasia?

Hi Brian,

Currently there is no specific subtitles feature in VideoScribe- the easiest way for you to include subtitles would be to publish your scribe as a video file and import it into Camtasia and add the subtitles there.

That's what I thought, but it never hurts to ask! Thanks!

I was wondering about subtitles, too. I work with an international team and would like to use an English video in other countries, but provide subtitles to help with ease of understanding. I will check out Camtasia, but are there plans (or current capabilities I am unaware of) in VideoScribe to "overlap" images on the whiteboard? If so, I could just add a layer of text under my 'drawings' that would essentially create a sub-title. 

You can have two elements draw on the canvas without the camera moving. Just add the image with the text beneath, scroll out so that they are both in view, select both of them using Ctrl+click (PC) or CMD+click (Mac) and click the 'set camera' icon .

Hi new to this how would I add text to videos already created asa subtitle Thanks

There are probably more than a dozen ways to add subtitles to an existing video, You can learn about various methods by using an internet search. For example VLC media player can import a properly prepared text file to add subtitles to a video. Youtube videos can also display subtitles, and you can use an internet search to find instructions for how to prepare the subtitle file for youtube.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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