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Fast Writing

If I have a long sentence, VideoScribe requires a numbers of seconds to write it out. This is becoming a huge problem. I need sentences drawn faster. If VideoScribe does not have enough time to write it out, it simply just fills out and looks like a bad effect. I am about to use video editing software to increase the speed myself. I want to know if this is a known issue, if there are workarounds to make this work better, and if this will be improved upon. Thank you! Product is awesome!

Hi Derek,

There are a few things you can try.

Firstly, check the video you have published to see if you notice this effect.

Most of the time, when you preview you will see that the hand does not keep up

with the words however upon rendering the hand does keep up.

Secondly, you could try using the No hand option instead as this will look more realistic if 

writing out a lot of text in a short amount of time.

The general guideline for making sure text looks good with the hands would be to give the hand a similar amount of time it would take you to write the words out.

This makes things quite difficult to time correctly. It is difficult to confirm if writing time is suitable for reading.

It is not the best use of time to have to save and play the whole video, then go back and change the timings - then repeat more than once to get the perfect timing.

Are you planning to fix this issue?

Will PNG Sequence reflect the timings of the preview or the final video?

Hi Colin,

If you add text, you can use the Preview/Play from here option on the element.

This will play from that element start point to determine whether you can read it or not.

The default timing of the text you add should give you the required time read it.

Generally a second per word. If you are adjusting your timings I would recommend you preview it 

to ensure that you have given enough time to read  it.

You can also increase how long the element is paused on before moving on too.

Our second tutorial explains these functions in more detail.

I have already tried the 'from' preview, it still has the same speed issues.

With respect your suggestions are a workaround instead of having a preview that represents the actual video speed.

Is this a technical difficulty you cannot overcome?

This might be a related question or suggestion. Is it possible to view the preview in another window? This would make it much easier to pause the preview and make changes to each section as we go along.

There is always going to be a limit to the amount of text that can be drawn in a given amount of time.

You cannot preview the scribe in another window but you can add it to our 'Ideas and Features Requests' section and it will be considered for inclusion in a future release.

Hi Matthew, 

Can I ask if you ever addressed Colin's question? I see that you wrote, "You cannot preview the scribe in another window," but all Colin seemed to be asking was to have the preview accurately reflect the hand writing speed that would show up in the published video. I am confused because it seems both you and Joe did not answer nor address his actual question/concern.

I am really disappointed to see that a year later, having just purchased the pro version today, this issue has still not been resolved. 

Dillon, Colin's point was about the impracticality of the preview not reflecting the final product. The bug we had logged for this is showing as closed and I was under the impression this was fixed now? If you have an example of a scribe where the text shows differently on preview to that of the rendered video I would be interested to see it.

To make sure I have just run a test with a long paragraph of text in v2.3.2 and gave it 15 seconds to draw that. It popped in at about 75% through on the preview and when I rendered the video the text popped in at the same point. Then upped the draw time to 35 seconds, the hand moved slower but wrote the whole paragraph on preview and showed exactly the same on the render. 

I'm not sure Dereks problem got answered here? I've raised the same issue in "writing speed" topic and a ticket has been raised to the dev team to investigate. 

This issue I have is like Derek - the hand that writes the text doesn't change speed to allign with a change in animation time of the element so it writes as much as it can at the single speed then the rest of the text just appears at the end because the animation time has run out so it just looks bad. 

If it turns out to be just the way the system is coded then It would be great to resolve this because people do actually read faster than the basic writing speed that seems to be active in the current version and also sometimes you just want to write it all out fast and then let people read it, I have my fingers crossed

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