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How to upload my own designs on paper?

I am drawing some drawings myself, take a photo of it and save it as jpg. If I upload the drawings in the canvas ,  videoscribe doesn´t draw the lines of the outlines but the full paper sheet as I took it as photo.

How can I import/organize my drawings in a way that videoscribe will draw the outlines and colors only but not the full paper sheet?


1) Your easiest option is probably to re-take the photo with really good lighting so that the paper in the photo is very white and the lines are still nice and dark. make sure the photo is sharp and clear and that you have only photographed the drawing and not the edges of the paper or a lot of extra white space. If you have a scanner, it may produce better results than the camera.

2) The next easiest option is probably to use a free program like gimp ( to:
a) crop off the edges of the paper or any extra white space in your photo
b) adjust the colors of your image so the white paper is whiter and the lines are darker and then
c) resave the image as a jpg or png and then import it into videoscribe.
d) (be aware that any graphics program will take a certain amount of learning time to use properly. There are plenty of tutorials online for adjusting contrast and cropping images in Gimp)

3) Another option is to draw your images in Gimp or Inkscape instead of  drawing them on paper, but this will require you to learn more of the basic features of one of those programs. Drawing in a digital program can be more difficult than drawing on paper if you don't have a lot of practice, but it may be worth learning. videoscribe works best with SVG images which can be made in inkscape, but as I mentioned, there can be a bit of a steep learning curve if you don't already have some digital art experience. (consult youtube for plenty of tutorials if you decide to try it out)

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-Mike (videoscribe user)


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