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The offset in 2.02

 One thing I do in 1.3.26 that I can't do in 2.02 is to put a copy of the same element exactly on top of the element. In 2.02 when you make a copy it offsets it.

The video in the attached folder was created using 1.3.26. I was able to take the original logo and make it into 3 elements and put those elements exactly on top of each other to achieve the desired effect. I use this effect for all my clients  that provides me their logo.

Inside the attached folder are:

1. The rendered video (also see below)

2. Three SVG files. Each SVG file contains part of the logo

3. Exported 1.3.26 Scribe

In 1.3.26 I would add 1.svg, to Video Scribe and set camera. Make an exact copy of 1.svg and replace it with 2.svg. Make an exact copy of 2.svg and replace it with 3.svg.  When done, I have on the time line 1.svg, 2.svg and 3.svg exactly on top of each other because when you copy using 1.3.26 it copies the element exactly on top of the element.

When I try to do the same thing with 2.02 I can't because when you copy it will offset the copy.  The copy needs to be exactly on top of the element to achieve the effect.

Is there a way in 2.02 to do the same thing I can do in 1.3.26????

SEE attached folder for the Video, 3 svg files and exported 1.3.26 scribe.


p.s. This is a biggie for me because the effect makes me money :)
5.27 MB

Hi Dan, 

You can ad an image and set the camera position on it before you move it. If you would like to add the image again, you can select that camera position and add the next image.

Please see the attached example.

Thanks Joe but that isn't what I do.

In the attached folder in my first message above I provided 3 SVG images.

Try this with the 3 images using 2.02:

1. Place 1.svg on canvas
2. Duplicate 1.svg  with Copy and Paste (it will be offset)
3. Replace 1.svg  with 2.svg so it is exactly on top of 1.svg (no offset)

Step 2 above is important to the process. When I copy and paste the image, it always offsets it in 2.02.

In 1.3.26 it does not offset but puts the copied image  exactly on top.

How can I do the same in 2.02?


(for the record, I agree that sparkol should restore the old copy and "aligned" paste, but I think you can still achieve the effect you want easily.)

I think Joe's suggestion will work for you, and as a bonus, it has fewer steps:

1) import the first image (do not move the camera or do anything else)
2) import the second image and it should be aligned if the images were prepared correctly.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

PS: I tested it and your images align perfectly in videoscribe 2.02. Cool effect.


Thanks Mike for that.


This has been the reason why we haven't upgraded to VS 2. I'm still using VS 1.3.31 because it allows me to paste a copy in exactly the same place.

This method isn't a substitute for copying and pasting an previously imported image in VS. A lot of times I import an image and work with it in VS including changing the camera position and zoom level. Then I want to copy and paste it in exactly the same place. VS 2 still doesn't let you do this, correct?

The first copy will be pasted with the offset but if you paste again without copying, the third copy will be directly on top of the second copy and will not be offset. You can then select the second and third copies and move them slightly to compensate for the offset. I have attached a video to help illustrate this as my written description may not be that clear.

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