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Facing problems with custom illustrations


It's been a while since I'm trying my hand with custom illustrations but haven't achieved the perfection I aim for. One such problem that I face is:

After drawing the outline and coloring the needed elements, the hand goes and draws the outline again, which doesn't look pleasing at all.

Kindly find the SVG and Ai file attached.

Hope someone can help me out with this.

Thank you,

test.svg test.svg
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your black stroked paths are being drawn twice because you included two copies of them in your SVG.

Your SVG is currently set up to work like this:
1) draw black stroked paths (bottom layer)
2) draw color stroked paths over the black stroked paths (middle layer)
3) draw a new copy of black stroked paths over the color paths (top layer)

If you just delete the bottom layer of black strokes then videoscribe will:
1) draw the color strokes and then
2) draw the black strokes on top.

If you want the black strokes drawn first then the color to be filled in, do this:
(delete the extra layer of black strokes)
1) color strokes layer on the bottom
2) black strokes layer in the middle
3) copy of color strokes layer on top
4) select all strokes in the top color strokes layer and change opacity to zero
5) select all strokes in the bottom strokes layer and use "object>path>outline strokes" (so they become color fills with no strokes) (that's the command in AI cs4. might be different in other versions)
6) Save as an SVG, import into videoscribe and test.

related link: How can I make SVG images that draw well?

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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