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Confusing and Excited

 I hope I got the confusing part right. I just watched Sparkol's video at

Even though it did not say explicitly in the video, the version the video demos is not out yet. Is that right? If my memory serves me well, the video talked about 2.1 and the most current version is 2.02. Is that right?

If for some reason the version he talked about in the video (2.1) is out, than I'm not sure how to get it.

I know some of the features he talked about in the video: Bar Chart, Sound Effects, Rulers and Animated Gifs, are not part of 2.02 or it they are, I don't have them.

Any feedback on my confusion would be appreciated.



In the video at about time index 0:40 he says  "...we've also got a new version 2.1 coming out soon, so I'm gonna show you a sneak peek...."

2.1 is not out yet. but it looks like it will be very good!

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Yes, the animated gif part is really exciting. I hope it doesn't cause crashes :)

I notice that others are starting to get in the game and they do have animation incorporated in their scribes. This for sure will keep VideoScribe on top. I'm praying to the VideoScribe gods that it will come off without causing the scribe to crash in the middle of your work.

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