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I had a coworker (Josh Hall) email you back in July with some suggestions to help make video scribe even better. I've been working with video scribe now for about 2 months and I also have some suggestions. Some of these may be repeats but none the less I think this would take your product to the next level.


- Being able to delete objects just by pressing the delete key. 

- Having a trash Icon located right on the actual item in the timeline, rather than having to click the options buttons, then trash, then okay. (** Image attached of example) 

- Easier selection in timeline. Currently when you click, hold shift, click down the time line, it will select almost everything give or take a couple objects. 

- CMD to undo instead of Control Z on the mac. 

- And actual timeline like you would see in premiere pro or Camtasia. This would allow you to layer objects as well so if things were drawn on at a later time you could still have it draw underneath other objects that were drawn first. It would also be nice to be able to click and drag each object on the timeline to determine how long it will draw on rather than selecting the exact time. 

 - Delete Multiple Objects. Currently I select multiple objects, go to edit, then delete but nothing happens. 

 - Align options would be nice to center two or more objects horizontally and vertically as well as distributing those evenly across the board, Similar to photoshop and illustrator. 

- Guides, rulers, and grid options would be nice for layout. Being able to show/hide grid etc... - Being able to change the background color in the middle of the timeline. 

 - A huge one would being able to lock images so that you don't accidentally select an object you don't want to move or adjust.

- Being able to render a selection of the timeline. That way if you make 1 small change you don't have to render the whole video again just a small portion of it. This would save so much time!

- When zooming in and out, do not change the camera view.

We hope these suggestions excite you to make this product even better than it is and we hope to see these implemented soon!

Thanks for you time!


Thanks for your feedback Craig.

When we have a suggestion, people are able to vote on them and the more popular suggestions get considered 

in a future version if they are technically possible.

If an idea post has multiple suggestions, it is hard to know what people are voting for as there are a number of different suggestions.

It would be great if you could add each suggestion to it's own post this way it will be easier for users to vote on them.

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