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Video format - how to change that

Hi everyone,

I recently created a video for my client who wants to run it on TV. However, the video I created with videoscribe doesn't meet their technical requirements. Here's what they said:

1) File received is PAL formatted with a framerate of 25fps. We require NTSC, 29.97fps. 

2)The codec on the file is JPEG, which is not one of our accepted codecs. 

3) Audio on the spot is 22.5khz (we require 48khz)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Toivo, thanks for your questions.

In version 2.0.2 you can set the frame rate if rendering the scribe as a .WMV, JPEG or PNG sequence

.Mov and .FLV files only render at 25fps.

In version 2.1 when it is release we expect to have the fps option back for .Mov and .FLV.

You will not be able to select 29.9 fps but should be able to select either 29 or 30 fps on a WMV file

What render settings did you use on this video?

With regards to the Audio, there is no way to set the khz, you can alway import the audio and voice over files as MP3's

that have these parameters or use video editing software such as Camtasia to add the audio after you have published the scribe.

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