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Voice Over Broken Up

Can the voice over be broken in different parts and added separately to the video using the contain voice over option?

Hi Ivan,

Thanks for your question.

You can either record a voice over as a single file within VideoScribe or import a voice over as a single file MP3. 

It is currently not possible to add multiple voice over files.

You could add multiple files to recording software such as Audacity and combine them into a single MP3 file to import into VideoScribe.

That would be the closest option for you presently.

Good Morning Ivan,
is still not possible to add multiple voice over files?




Hi team,

Is the option of breaking down the voice over recording in various parts still unavailable? I have recently recorded a nearly 15 min video using Videoscribe and it was very challenging to speak neatly for such a long time hence I my question. Thanks!!


Yes, if you are recording your voiceover in VideoScribe it must be done in one take. Please see the help article entitled 'Record a voiceover' which contains instructions for recording your voiceover externally using Audacity and importing into VideoScribe as an MP3.

i want professional voice over. How is it possible in video scribe.

You can hire a professional to record your voiceover in mp3 format, and then you can import the mp3 into videoscribe.

To import an audio file into an open project, click the microphone icon at the top of the screen, then click the folder icon to search for the mp3 file on your hard drive.

If you are having trouble with the basic use of videoscribe, you should watch the tutorial videos on the INSTANT ANSWERS page of this website.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Dear team, As to add this discussion, I am facing same issue which other are facing. It's better if we can customise voice as per our requirement. It's quite difficult to speak 10 15 minutes without mistake. As per teams suggestion, I have also tried to use audacity, but after importing in software, it's really time consuming to manage. So.. team should work on this.
As a new user I'm disappointed that this problem even exists.  It's nearly impossible to speak flaw free for several minutes. 


The simple recording option is included as a convenience for the very least computer savvy users in my opinion. Anyone who wants quality audio should consider using a more advanced audio recording/editing program to prepare their audio before building their scribe.

If you don't have audio recording software, do yourself a favor, and download audacity for free (with the L.A.M.E plugin for saving mp3 files).
related link:

Record your audio, edit it, and save it as an mp3 which you can import into videoscribe.

Mike (videoscribe user)


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