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Whitespace at top of exported Illustrator SVG

Hi there. 

Just starting out with VS & getting along with it just fine.

But I have a problem. I hope someone can help me out.

Basically, I am importing SVGs directly from Illustrator.

But when I do I always have a large whitespace above the image, when imported into VS. It doesn't seem to matter whether a logo, or just a straight line. This whitespace is always there. 

I have viewed the SVGs in a viewer, & they seem OK. 

So I guess it is something I am doing wrong in VS

I am using Illustrator CS3 on Windows 7. I have attached a screendump of what I see in VS, compared with my Illustrator artboard

Any help with this will be gratefully received

Hi Ian,

Welcome to VideoScribe!

I believe this may be down the the save settings within Adobe Illustrator.

Please save the file again using these settings:

Hi Joe,

Thanks for getting back to me.

I tried it again with the settings as per your screendump.

But still the same problem. 

I am going to shut everything down &restart my PC - perhaps Illustrator is having a bad day.

Failing this - do you have any other ideas?

Thanks again for your help.


Hi Ian,

Sorry you still have this issue.

I would suggest creating a support ticket and sending us the SVG file as an attachment

and we can take a look at it for you.

Hi guys and I know this thread was along time ago but having the same problem using illustrator cs3.  White space above all imported svg's and not doing anything fancy in illustrator just using the pen tool.  Was there a solution for this??



Please attach an SVG with that problem if you want specific feedback.

Probably a stray anchor point or a clipping mask or something like that.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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