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Convertir formato

Hola ... En un principio utilice la versión gratuita de Videoscribe y realice un vídeo allí, lo descargue como formato '.scribe'; ahora obtuve la versión premium pero no puedo abrir mi documento realizado con la versión gratuita a la versión premium... y realmente lo necesito por favor ayúdenme!

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Hi Yasenis.

I think I understand your problem.

You have saved a file as a .scribe file which only opens up in VideoScribe.

After you log into VideoScribe on the projects screen select the import icon (folder)

from the bottom right hand corner which will allow you to import the .scribe file.

If you need to publish a scribe file to a video, the First Version 2 Tutorial will assist you in doing this.

hola, yo estoy aún con la versión gratuita y quisiera guardar mi proyecto para mostrarlo en clase, cómo le hago?

Free users can upload their video to youtube:

-Mike (videoscribe user)


hola yo perdi mi video pero lo habia descargado en youtube, como hago para pasarlo nuevamente a scribe y seguirlo editando?



Are you saying you have lost a scribe file but have a video and want to re-import that into VideoScribe to edit it? 

If so I'm afraid that's not possible. It could be though that the scribe file is on another machine. As default it will save to the base folder which will be on the machine you created it on. If you have used VideoScribe on more than one machine check the others and see if it's there. Also save your files to the online cloud directory as well and then they will be available on every machine you use

Hope that helps


Sparkol Support

Como puedo descargar mi archivo para presentar en clase, ya intente convertirlo a power point pero no se guarda en mi computadora, tengo version gratuita que puedo hacer?

que es sparkol cloud space y donde lo encuentro?

You can publish videos to Facebook, YouTube and PowerPoint on your free trial. If you are not sure how to do this we have a short bootcamp video on publishing scribes you may find useful. 

As for the Cloud Directory Folder this is an area where you can save scribes within VideoScribe. Here's a link to our saving scribes help page which walks you through the options.

Tengo un archivo en 2.3.3 gratis. Un amigo tiene la version completa pero es 2.10 === Mi archivo 2.3, lo lee el 2.10?
Tengo un archivo en 2.3.3 gratis. Un amigo tiene la version completa pero es 2.10 === Mi archivo 2.3, lo lee el 2.10?

There have been a number of changes between v2.1 and v2.3.3 so it depends on what your scribe includes really. It will still be readable in v2.1 but it may cause some differences in your scribe

Hi, I got the Free trial, but when I try to save it my only options are: .Scribe, Cloud, and PDF. How can I save it on YouTube? please!

You are clicking the icon to save your work file. you need to click the button to publish/render your scribe. It's in the upper right corner of the screen.

Link to tutorial video. Publishing is discussed at 18:00

-Mike (videoscribeuser)


I did it too and it says I have to login but it doesn't work because of the cookies I followed all the instructions, allowed them in Chrome, take of my firewalls and antivirus and it keep saying because of the cookies I cannot login.

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