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Get rid of videscribe logo - purchased videscribe


How can get i get rid of videscribe logo on my video in video scribe. I purchased it today. 

Also, how can i play videscribe video in a ppt in an infinite loop?

Or is there a way to export videoscribe video in ppt as a mp3?

I cannot upload to youtube since this is a company video. 



1) After your payment is successfully processed and you log out of videoscribe and back in, any videos you render will not have the logo. Reboot if necessary. If your payment was declined or not completed successfully for any reason, your account will not be upgraded.
2) google search result  for looping video in powerpoint:
3) mp3 is not a video format. It is an audio format. and videoscribe does not export mp3s.
4) (If you bought the EDU license instead of the PRO license, the watermark will always be there unless you upgrade to PRO)

Good luck!
-Mike (videoscribe user)


Can you please let me know once that will be done and by when it will be done

Did you reboot yet?

-Mike (videoscribe user)

How to activate license

Naveen, you have an active Pro Subscription. You just need to log-into VideoScribe while connected to the internet.

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