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How to make a video

Hello ADMIN!. I've been made a lot of video in diffrent page.How to combine them all to become a  video? 

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Hi Suaidah,

Thanks for your question.

If you have made individual videos you will need a third party video editing tool to combine them.

Thank you for the answers .Where can i get that tool?


Hi again Suaidah,

There are many video editing tools.

Microsoft Movie maker is a basic one.

You may want to search around to see the best one suited to you.

Camtasia seems to be a popular choice when making video edits.

Hello.I can't import the video from video scribe to the camtasia.How to import the video?


Hi Suaidah

Sorry that you are having this issue- are you getting an error message when you try and import a video? If you are getting one something like "cannot load file.... It is either an unsupported media type or required codecs are not found", please ensure that you have updated your video codecs, or if this does not resolve the issue try rendering your scribe as a MOV, then use some video conversion software (such as Freemake video converter) to convert it into a WMV and then importing this video file into Camtasia. Alternatively you could try using Windows Movie Maker, or iMovie (if you are on a mac).

Hi suaidah shukri,

If you are making each scribe with only one drawing, you may want to watch the tutorial videos: Videoscribe version 2 tutorials .

They will show you how to move and set the camera in videoscribe so you can add all of your drawings in a single scribe before rendering the video.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I have done a lot of videos for my final project , but how can I combine them all .

You would need to use a Video Editing tool to do that. There are many our there some are free and some cost money and it would depend on your specific needs as to which would work best. A few examples of software that is used fairly widely by other VideoScribers can be found futher up this forum.

which scribe converter will use? while importing scribe clip into windows movies maker?

which scribe converter will use? while importing scribe clip into windows movies maker?

A .scribe file is a project file that can only be opened in videoscribe. It is not a video file, so you cannot import it into any video editing programs.

If you are a paying videoscribe member, open you .scribe file in videoscribe and export your project as a video file (AVI, WMV, MOV or mp4).

If you are using a free trial, you cannot export video files, but you can publish to youtueb , facebook, or a powerpoint file.

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