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Security alert


I have a monthly account and when i try to log in my account i Have a security alert telling me that the information about my certificate ar not availlible on your site. Then he ask me if i want to continue. If i push three or for time then he gave me acces to Video Scribe.

Is there a way to remove this error message ? 

I am on PC

Thanks !


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Hi Jean,

Sounds like you may need to change your security alert options on your computer.

Please see this link regarding changing your security alert settings

on Microsoft's support page.

Dear Joe,

The link you shared above takes me to a generic windows help page. Not sure which link within this page has the explanation for changing the security alert settings.



Microsoft's website has probably changed a lot since this thread was started in 2014. You could type your exact error message into the search bar on that microsoft page to find newer search results.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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