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Uploading and drawing a custom image

I am new to VideoScribe.  I am looking to upload existing images and then have a program either draw or "rub" to unveil the image.  Ideally it would be done in balck and white and when the image is completely revealed turn to it full color version.  Is this possible with VideoScribe?

Yes you can import images into videoscribe to be drawn and colored. Some images work better than others.

for more info:

version 2 tutorials

import images

make your own images

or search for related topics

-Mike (videoscribe user)


What is the best format to initially create the images so the drawings will look the most realistic when unveiled? 

SVG images drawn directly in illustrator or inkscape with a basic stroked path using the pen or pencil tool generally "draw" best.

upated link to community tips: Making SVG Images Draw Well (2015 update)

(links to official instant answers are provided in tip #1 in the above link)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks for the help. I've created a test video and I gave it a name but I can't seem to locate where it is now stored. How do I find it?

if you save a scribe file, it can only be opened or used from within videoscribe,

If you rendered a video and you don't know what folder it was in, either use a hard drive search for the file name or
start the rendering process again until you get to the stage where it shows you the destination directory. That's probably where your file is.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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