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Drawing problem


I'm trying to reveal a chart from the bottom to the top (without any hand), but it doesn't reveal the way I want, see video here :

In illustrator, i've got a pen line that covers everything, as I've always done.

(see screenshot attached).

How could I achieve the effect I want ?

Thanks for your answer

Here is the link for the video, I put a hand just for you to see the speed I would like, but I want the bar to reveal without any hand to get a growing effect.

Here is another example of the problem :

And the Illustrator screenshot

Hi Etienne,

It looks like this issue is down to how the SVG is created.

If you're able to can you send us the original image and the SVG files you created

from it by attaching it to a New Support Ticket and we can take a look at them for you.

Ok, I managed to do it by creating a new SVG file, with smaller dimensions. 

The first was 2000 * 5000 px, perhaps that's why videoscribe couldn't handle it.

Thanks for your answer, Joe ;)

No problem Etienne.

Glad you have worked it out.

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