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Drag and Drop/Copy external images (RR-806)

It would be good to be able to drag and drop an image or copy and paste from an external source (file manager, word, powerpoint) onto the canvas, with the "Convert to Line Drawing" dialog popping up as required.

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I would like this also.  Adding custom graphics to a scribe is unnecessarily tedious now.  On the Mac, we're accustomed to dragging files into apps.

Agreed. Copying and Pasting from Onenote directly into the app would be awesome. 

Be sure to click the 'Do you like this idea?' link beneath the original post to show your support.

Yes, it's a no-brainer.

Plus the ability to import more than one image at a time. Just let me select a set of SVG's and import or drag them in.

1) drag and drop one or more images to the canvas: "would you like to import this image/ these images to the timeline?"
2) drag and drop an image onto a thumbnail in the timeline: "would you like to replace/update this image in the timeline?"


Just to let you know, this feature request has been sent to our development team for future consideration.

Its a good suggestion... but only 3 people have "liked" this idea, and other suggestions are much more popular. If you like this suggestion, then you might want to click the LIKE link in the original post, to make it more of a priority.

Mike (videoscribe user)

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