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All slides are gone from timeline!!! After deleting an imported font.

This software is extremely buggy. So many bugs it seems like a pre-released beta.

I've just deleted an imported font from the font list. This font turned out to be used by all of my scribes. I never got any warning before deleting the font.

Now EVERY scribe I open does not have any timeline.

Anybody please help.


In advance.


Snap me too:-( spent all day as a first time user kept saving and was playing back and now nothing nada! Tried to redo but text button is Red:-(

OK. Finally after trying to unzip the .scribe file and search replace the font name in the project.xml file which did not work, I managed to find another workaround.

I opened the corrupted .scribe file, copied all the elements using ctrl+a, opened a new project, copied all the clipboard elements.

The slides were copied into the timeline and the problematic slides showed as empty.

I had to go one by one and edit these slides and change their font to a basic font.

This was not a good experience to say the least.

At least give the user a warning if the font is being used in the project and have a fallback to a default font if the font is not found.

Hi John and Nic, 

Sorry you have this issue. If you are still experiencing this problem with your scribes.

Please Open a New Support Ticket save a copy of the Scribe that has this issue to your online (cloud) directory

and let us know the name and we will be able to investigate the problem.

We have found a workaround for this issue. What you have to do is create a new scribe and re-import all the fonts that are on the scribe with the missing timeline issue making sure that you also import all the character sets that were used when the scribe was created. 

So for example, you imported the arial font with the Cyrillic character set and added some cyrillic characters to the scribe and saved it. Later on you deleted the Arial font from VideoScribe and after that loaded the scribe containing the Cyrillic text - the timeline is blank.

If you re-add the Arial font and import the Cyrillic character set then close the scribe and open it again the timeline will be back.

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