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SVG quality


I've always wondered why SVGs can look pixelated in Videoscribe. Why don't they keep the benefit of the vector format ?

In the screenshot attached (taken at 91% zoom), the little factory icon looks bad, and has black strokes that are not in the original file.

When I import it in the canvas, it's quite small (whatever zoom rate I'm using at the moment), and when I make it bigger, it becomes pixelated.

Changing the original SVG file dimensions doesn't change anything at it.

Is there something I'm missing ?

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This "stroke" problem appears on lots of SVGs I try to import.

Here is an other exemple attached : one screen capture of the file in illustrator (no stoke at all, just a simple colored square), and another of how it renders in VideoScibe (with this thin black strokes

I am having the same problem, any solution?


The unwanted black lines sometimes appear in SVGs with perfectly horizontal or vertical edges and 90 degree corners. adjusting the corner angle plus or minus one degree should fix it.

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SVGs get sharper when you scale them down, and blurrier when you enlarge them. wider images will import larger and tend to be sharper because you have to shrink them. Taller images will import smaller and tend to seem more blurry when you enlarge them. If an image needs to be enlarged and seems blurry, delete it . increase the image import quality, import the image (and then probably change the import quality back ).

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-Mike (videoscribe user)

Mike, Just came across your comment on this post, because I'm having the same problem with pixelation. Can you please let me know how I can increase the import quality on a vector file that is converted to SVG 1.1 Type: SVG CSS properties: presentation attributes. embedded.

VideoScribe has a default image quality which can be amended. Instructions on how to do this are linked below.

Improve image quality

In addition to what Barry said, There might possibly be issues in the SVG(s) that need to be addressed. If you want to attach the luggage girl or the computer girl or the whole chart, I may be able to find something useful.

-Mike (videoscribe user)



Thanks guys, I think I've sorted the problem. Settings, I increased the image value.

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