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Feedback welcome – GIFs in VideoScribe

Here's a second sneak preview of the new features in VideoScribe 2.1. This time we're looking at GIFs (moving images) that you can use to jazz up your scribe.

You can read about it and watch a demo here. All feedback and suggestions are welcome, please let us know what you think below.

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First of all, massive thanks for being part of our beta test programme! By 'all the layers' do you mean they appear transparent/ show objects underneath them? If so you can adjust the 'blend mode' in the objects settings in the time line. If you have any more questions on 2.1 open a support ticket and our team can look in to any issues you might be having.

If anyone has any more questions about version 2.1 beta, please have a chat with our support team. Thanks!

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