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Feedback welcome – GIFs in VideoScribe

Here's a second sneak preview of the new features in VideoScribe 2.1. This time we're looking at GIFs (moving images) that you can use to jazz up your scribe.

You can read about it and watch a demo here. All feedback and suggestions are welcome, please let us know what you think below.

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Are we going to be able to import our own GIFs?


This is pretty awesome! Another idea in line with this might to be able to set a camera position at the start and end of any individual animated element. So that way, while it's drawing, the camera position is moving. Hugely powerful.


This is awesome it's one thing videoscribe has been missing. I'll be able to make cooler videos for my clients now!

Thank you so much!

Will we be able to create the animations using VideoScribe, or do we need other software? If it can be done with VS, be sure to include basic animation tools like onion skinning, ease in/outs and tweening.

It would be great to be able to create walk cycles and other movements.

gifTASTIC. Loads of "emphasis" graphics please!

For me, this is probably the most significant advancement of the product since version 1.3.26.

Ruben- According to the article, you will be able to import gifs from your computer or from the library.

Jim- It looks like videoscribe will be able to import animated gifs and set the number of loops but not actually make new gifs.  You could make your own animated gifs using a program such as GIMP which is free at

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I don't know whether this is the appropriate place for this comment but could we please consider transparent backgrounds? The first tutorials featured overlays which demonstrated exactly how useful this would be. If that is possible within Videoscribe please tell me how. If not, it would be a terrific improvement.


Bill Twyman

Hi Bill,
I agree that transparency would be useful.

I'm not sure, but it sounds as though you aren't aware that PNG and SVG images with transparent backgrounds already work in videoscribe.

(In addition you can edit the opacity of elements from 0% to 100% within videoscribe and you can create SVGs with different opacities on different layers.)

I'm pretty sure we will be able to use transparent gifs the same way, but maybe a member of support will chime in to verify that.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Please consider adding the ability to accompany the animated GIF with sound effects.


I think this will be a great addition but needs to be judiciously.


Thank you so much for all your comments.  Mike did a great job answering some of these questions, but to confirm:

– Are we going to be able to import our own GIFs?

Yes, you will be. There is a sensible size limit that works well and we are trying to make this as efficient as possible, but because you have an animated GIF running endlessly and potentially bringing in a several minute long HD clip you will notice an impact on speed when editing and previewing playing. But with eyes blinking and so on... it just works brilliantly.

– Will we be able to create the animations using VideoScribe?

Not initially, but we are looking at allowing an export to GIF in version 2.2 or soon after at non-standard sizes so that you can then effectively embed scribes within scribes.... 

– Could we please consider transparent backgrounds?

The transparency on the GIF import we use isn't great, and GIFs (unlike PNGs) has an on/off transparency rather than varying levels of opacity, so to compensate for this to allow you to put them over other elements without a nasty white box we have allowed you to set a "Blend mode" for a GIF image.  This means that with the default "Multiply" blend mode white is ignored in the image allowing you to overlay brilliantly.

Thanks again for all the positive vibes – it really encourages us and helps us know that what we are working on is having an impact, something that's essentially important to us.

It's good to see support for animation, as this has been lacking in the product for a while. You can create your own Giffs at

Great new feature !

And the blending mode is also great news ! Will it be possible to apply different blending modes to every images, or just the GIFs ? 

Can't wait to get hands on this new version ! 

Blend modes are being 'trialled' with GIFs in 2.1 and will be made available on all images from 2.2.

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