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Using VideoScribe in After Effects

I'm an Animator . i'm doing some whiteboard movies and im using videoScribe.
I need to use VideoScribe only in a small part of my movie .
My problem is :
I import SVG to VideoScribe from Illustrator , and it dosent fit in the right place in my stage .
Lets say i have a composition , with some Backgrounds , and some flash animation and now i want to add the Scribing from illustrator. its only a small part of the stage . VideoScribe takes the SVG and changes his size . it doesnt keep the original X and Y proportions .
I tried to put a frame all around my stage but it doesnt seems to help .

i hope you understand what i need ,  

any ideas of handling with this issue ?



Hi Matan,

At the moment the size of an SVG when imported is defined by the camera position and zoom level when you insert the image- it will scale the image to fit your view. VideoScribe doesn't have specific x/y sizing options. If this is something that you need and would like to see in a future version, please take a look at this forum post and like it to show your support- this way we can see which feature requests are the most popular when looking at how we can enhance VideoScribe.

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