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Using VideoScribe in After Effects

I'm an Animator . i'm doing some whiteboard movies and im using videoScribe.
I need to use VideoScribe only in a small part of my movie .
My problem is :
I import SVG to VideoScribe from Illustrator , and it dosent fit in the right place in my stage .
Lets say i have a composition , with some Backgrounds , and some flash animation and now i want to add the Scribing from illustrator. its only a small part of the stage . VideoScribe takes the SVG and changes his size . it doesnt keep the original X and Y proportions .
I tried to put a frame all around my stage but it doesnt seems to help .

i hope you understand what i need ,  

any ideas of handling with this issue ?



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Hi Matan,

At the moment the size of an SVG when imported is defined by the camera position and zoom level when you insert the image- it will scale the image to fit your view. VideoScribe doesn't have specific x/y sizing options. If this is something that you need and would like to see in a future version, please take a look at this forum post and like it to show your support- this way we can see which feature requests are the most popular when looking at how we can enhance VideoScribe.

Matan, what type of animation do you do? I'm looking an animator who can incorporate VideoScribe and After Effects.

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