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Video Scribe Freezing on Download Content

Hi I have just updated VideoScribe to the latest version on 10 iPads. On all the devices i get to a Download content screen where it at first says 15 out of 34 to go or something like that and then cycles through information about the App, the app dosent seem to be downloading the content. Does anyone have any ideas?


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Hi Scott,

sorry that you are having this issue. When you say that the app is cycling through info about the VideoScribe, is this a video detailing how to use the basic functions? If so, the data should have finished downloading and you should be able to use the app. If you click the x in the bottom right of the intro video, can you go into a new scribe and add images from one of the library folders?

I have a problem in the download content issue plz tell me how should I solve it .It showa just downloading content and there is just a opption of help site plz tell me what to do and there is no x to cancel it
Bro what did you do

We have 2 apps currently available on our Android Google Play store and these are VideoScribe Now and Tawe


(Videoscribe is still available for ipad and iphone but there is no app for android at this time)

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Sparkol saya tidak bisa digunkan muncul download content

(October 2018) The videoscribe app for Android devices is no longer supported so you cannot use it.

They are considering making a new one in the future.

here is one of many threads discussing the topic:

If that does not answer your question, please provide a more detailed description of the question.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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