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Upload a YouTube

I've been trying all day to upload the video in my Youtube channel and fail many times. It says that the uploading has been succesful, but I don't find it online. Have I been doing something wrong? I'm using the free trial.

Hi Micaela,

sorry that you are having this issue.

You should be able to find your video by logging in to Youtube, clicking on my channel and selecting the Videos tab. If it asks you to set up your channel you need to do this before uploading your scribe. If you are still unable to locate your videos after this, please save your scribe in your online (cloud) folder and let us know the name of your scribe. Then we can open it here and take a look at it. Also, do you get any issues if you try to render your scribe as a Powerpoint file?

In YouTube says ERROR (it's not possible to do the convertion of your video's file)or  something like that. 

I've saved mi scribe online, it's called LS 2014.2 Rosario.

I try to render it as ppt file but it only appear one page that says VideoScribe. So, I don't unsderstad anything

Hi Michaela,

thanks for saving your scribe to the online directory so we can take a look.

Can I ask you to create a new scribe, then add one single image from the VideoScribe library and make the draw time about 5 seconds.

Then save the scribe and try to upload that one to YouTube.

Please let me know then if you are able to find the video on YouTube.

Best wishes,


Hi Michaela,

the quick test that I asked you to do previously will help us to determine if there is a problem with the particular scribe or if it is a problem with the connection to YouTube.


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