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Creating video incomplete even though it completed 100%.


I need assistance with saving a video:

I am creating a video with voice over, and every time I tried to save as a video file, the creating video complete 100% ( creation time around 60 min), but when I play the video back - only a small part was created.....


Any suggestions on what's wrong / what am I doing wrong...? I have been trying to create the video since last week Friday and an running behind of schedule...






Hi Claudia,

please save the scribe to your online directory and let me know the name and I can have a look.




I have closed the app and restarted it and managed to create the full video. :-) Do you think it might be that the laptop I am using is not powerful enough? (ThinkPad i7). Anyway I have loaded the scribe to my online dir for you to take a look. Please note this is my first attempt at the tool :-).



Hi Claudia,

Great that you have it working now.

It sounds like a memory issue at the time as restarting VideoScribe and trying again has resolved the problem.

Memory is still an area we are working on but as long as it is working now, we will not need to look at it.

Thanks, Joe

Hi Claudia,

I have looked at your scribe and I cannot see anything specific that would have caused this.

Your laptop should be plenty powerful enough, sometimes all it takes is to close the software down and reopen it as you have done.


HI, I have had the same problem.  The onscreen progress showed a complete render that took about 120 minutes. When the video played, all that had rendered was about 10% of the video.  I was producing a 720 wmv format and writing to my drive.  When I play the timeline in the editor, it seems to work fine. 

Mt first attempt at 1080 wMV was successful. 

I did have some issues getting the timeline to play after moving a few cells along the timeline, and inserting new material.   It appeared the the camera focus would go to where the material used to sit on the canvas and freeze,.  Once I reset the camera to the new location on the camera, the timeline worked again. 

Is there a limit to how big I can make the story, how much material I can add or how long it can be? I noticed that the more I add the less responsive the canvas is when I try to move around. 

There is no obvious reason for and incomplete render. 

I have created progressive file by saving as a new file, each time I add another section so I would have a backup. I started doing this because the program hung more than once. 

(I am running on a newly installed DELL 755 OPTIPLEX....lots of hard drove space and 8gb ram) 


The video render failed a second time, but not at the same place.  I notice that the resulting file, when  open in media player, disables the slide is active in all other WMV files. 

I think videoscribe has a maximum memory usage of 1.7 GB so it is best to optimize your images.

Most problems with videoscribe are the result of oversized image files or excessive camera settings.

If you want specific feedback on the problems with your scribe then save it online and tell support the name of it.

If you want to solve the problems with your scribe then follow the tips in this thread: TIPS to Fix Videoscribe freezes, crashes, slowdowns, failure to export, or erratic behaviours.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Mike, When you say the file size is limited, do you mean the output file or temporary files before it writes out the video file, or the timeline file?   

Another odd result that may be related --I left the file set to render and it seemed to be going well.  I went to bed and when I got up it still had 100 minutes to go, even though it had been left rendering for 6-7 hours. It appears that it;s rendering but in 10 years of video editing, I have never had a file run that long.  

It's possible the machine dropped into hibernation,  and Sparkol just waited for the machine to wake up?  

Help ---I have a file in the cloud space called community report 10.   I am having no luck getting this file to render.  

This is my first production with this software and I suspect it's a user problem, and may be related to image size.  There are several consistent factors in the failure.

  1. The video says it's 100% done, appears to have progressed through all the frames for rendering, but the final file is not complete. 
  2. It fails in a different spot on different machines. On a smaller machine it fails about 1/3 of the way through and on the video suite it fails about 3/4 of the way through 
  3. The timeline plays well in edit mode
  4. The scroll bar in the final windows media file does not move, so I can't scroll.
  5. The final file is well under 100mb, and is about the right sized given the resolution and length

I just completed rendering as QUICK TIME and it works fine. The problem is windows media rendering.

  1. It (quick time) renders at the speed I would expect and the final file is about the size it should be
  2. The Windows rendering is far to slow compared to what I experience in various video editing solution, a further indication the windows rendering is problematic (what bit rate do you render a 720 wmv video at?
  3. The question now is, is it a bug in the software or something I am missing on two machines at my end?   
Hi Matthew Clulow,

reply to first question: I don't think it is necessarily a file size problem.  Maximum memory usage (RAM usage) is limited by a component used in videoscribe.  The memory issue is mentioned in the link I provided, as well as here:

reply to second and third set of questions:
excessive memory usage resulting from the causes mentioned in my first link can result in the symptoms you described (long renders or freezing during the render process).

reply to fourth set: If you have problems in your scribe, then you are more likely to have symptoms with WMV video than with MOV (WMV video requires more memory (RAM) and more free HDD space than MOV).  I don't have specific knowledge of the workings of videoscribe but the algorithms used to make the hands "draw" the artwork probably eats up more memory than straightforward video editing.
I'd classify the problems as bugs because they are unintended and undesirable behaviours. Fortunately I think nearly all of the problems are fairly easily avoided with a little file preparation and planning. The tips in the first link are my suggestions for getting the most out of the program with the the fewest problems.

-Mike (videoscribe user) <--------- user of videoscribe

Customer support may have additional feedback and suggestions. They comment in the communiy section threads pretty regularly but you can also contact them directly by creating a support ticket:


failed Saving Video..!!! Why ...?? How Creating Complete Video??
Probably because of the reason listed above...
and here is the updated version of: TIPS to avoid crashes, freezes, failure to render or erratic behavior (2015)

As suggested above, if you want specific feedback, you should save your work file to the cloud and mention the name of the file in this thread so customer support can take a look at it.

or as mentioned above, you can raise a support ticket to contact customer support directly.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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