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Morphing / movement

I have looked at the various topics on morphing and experimented. I have save a scribe called Lexia on the cloud. What I am wondering is if I am using the best method for trying to show movement or is there a better way. . 

Where are the scribe files stored by default

I can't see files saved in your cloud so I can't specifically answer that part of your question.

In general, morphing, moving the camera, or using "move-in" instead of "draw" to animate an image are the three ways of adding movement within videoscribe.

By default, scribe files are saved in a format and a location that cannot be used or easily found except from within the videoscribe program.

If you want to export a scribe so it can be backed up or transferred to another computer:

-Mike (videoscribe user)



I forgot to include the short test scribe. Now attached


Your idea about moving is a good one. All I need now is to start the move from a slightly different place from the standard positions, or move the rest of the images.



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