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Can't down load my own images.

I use a PC and current release of scribe which will not allow me to down load into scribe my own images. I can access the current library and other images that I have used but not install new images.


(You can only import JPG, PNG and SVG images)

 To import an image from your computer into VideoScribe 2.0.2:

1) Click the  ‘Add an image’ icon (landscape icon) above your canvas

2) Click the file folder icon in the lower left corner of the "Add Image" menu, a file explorer window should open.

3) Choose the image you want to import and follow the instructions onscreen.

If you follow those steps and you still cannot import an image of the specified file types, please explain more clearly which steps you have completed and specifically what is not working correctly.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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