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Problem with payment conversion URGENT

Hi again, there's been a problem with my Videoscribe payment, I tought the charge was going to be 16.50 dllrs montlhy but you are charging me 198 dllrs monthly. I don't want that because I'm only interested to try it for a month and then decide if I want it for good. 
I live in Mexico and I tought that the conversion to mexican pesos was being done automatically but in my bank report says that there's been a charge of 198 dollars. Please help me fix this.
My mail is 

You chose the 1 year subscription.

$16.50 USD is the price per month if you buy a 1 year subscription. (total cost $198 USD)

the MONTHLY subscription is $29 USD which equals 384 mexican pesos I believe.

(customer support will be back Monday during UK business hours to sort this out for you)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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