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Fading images/text in and out

This seems like such a basic feature... Not sure why that's not included.  Having to have everything scribble or move or morph can get overwhelming and jarring.

It would be especially helpful when you are showcasing a list of features, for example.  Fading in the text as quick bullets one at a time next to an image that was scribbled woule be far more impactful and classy.

Does anyone know how to do this... or if this is even possible?

Hi Erick,

I have created a scribe that illustrates what I think you are looking for and attached it.

Please let me know if this is the effect that you are looking for and if you need me to explain how it is done.


Thanks Matt - I can't see the attachment... can you try to post it again?

Sorry about that.

abc.scribe abc.scribe
43.7 KB

Thanks for re-posting Matt... unfortunately, this isn't at all what I'm looking to do.  

What I'd like to see is the ability to draw the chair, then fade in (not scribble, not morph, not move - just fade in the text.   The opening screen for videoscribe when you first start it up does this nicely - combining fading and scribbles to make a nice, clean, neat package that is both effective and pleasing.

Any chance that's either a capability that I'm just not seeing or on a dev roadmap?  That could be a make or break for me and my company using this versus a competitor.


Hi Erick, thanks for your response.

Currently there is no direct option for fade. 

We currently have this as a feature request with our dev team but it is not scheduled into a version as yet.

You can however get a fading effect.

This Video demo's how to do it in version 1.3 the exact principle if the same for version 2.0 except the menu is now called 'Solid' instead of opacity:

Thanks, Joe

Joe - thanks for responding.  I actually came across that solution in my search for an answer to this question.  Unfortunately, that isn't really a solution - it's clunky, extremely time consuming and not visually very smooth.

It's too bad - alternative solutions have this as a basic functionality and it will absolutely mean I can't use this for my marketing needs.  Otherwise, I love Videoscribe...

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