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Move an object on the canvas (RR-667)

What would be great would be the ability to move and object from one point to another on a same canvas view, without morphing its shape. Just a "morphing origin".

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Hey, just thought I'd let you know we are going to be actively working on a second move option very soon. This would allow you to move an item already on the canvas to another location (including out of the view of the camera). We have some ambitious new plans for v3.1 of the software and this is on that list at the moment.  We'll see how development progress goes in the coming weeks and fingers crossed this will make that release.

Hello Joe, how do I open the xxx.scribe files that you demo for us? Thank you in advance!

This tutorial on the Instant Answers page explains how to import a .scribe file:

-Mike (videoscribe user)

This would be a great addition


How about a rotate around a point/object option?

Please add this. This would really be a great addition. Currently powerpoint has to be used to fill in the gaps this doesn't do which is very sad.

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