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Export a frame as PNG

Is there a way to export just a particular selected camera view as a PNG?  I need to export a view of the whole canvas, and it seems like overkill to export the entire movie as a PNG sequence when I end up deleting all but the last image created.

There is not a way to do this but you could copy and paste all your elements into a new scribe and set the animate, pause and transition times to zero for all elements.

Then you will get far fewer images produced at the end.


Hi Alan, thanks for your question.

You can export a screen shot of the scribe as a pdf file.

This is found within the save options.

It will be a shot off the whole canvas.

Thanks, Joe

thanks for the options. Had tried PDF and it wasn't high enough resolution; I'll try the copying it all to a new file next time.

Documentation doesn't use a PDF, it needs PNG or JPG. Every video capture, like Camtasia, can export a single frame just for this purpose. Image sequence is overkill and slow, and loses any background. You have means to export a single frame (PDF). You have means to export PNG or JPG, but as sequence. We need export PNG or JPG screenshot. Thanks.

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