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Fade up from black/fade out to black

Is there any way to fade up from black at the beginning and down to black at the end?

fade up from black:
1) make a black square or rectangle. preferably an SVG but a jpg or png will work.
2) add it as the first element in your scribe
3) scale it to cover the visible canvas,
4) set your camera,
5) set the draw time to zero.
4) make a white square and add it as your second element,
5) set the camera in the same position
6) scale the white element to cover the black element
7) set the opacity to about 20 %
8) set the draw time to zero
9) duplicate the white square element about 4 more times for a total of 5  white elements
10) adjust all the pauses and transition times as desired

play the scribe to see if it works

to fade to black just use steps 6 through 10 with the black element.

you can use a lower opacity and more copies of the square for a smoother transition.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Alternatively, if you have access to video editing software (such as Movie Maker for windows, or iMovie for mac) you could render your scribe as a video file and, open it in the video editing software and then add the fade in/out effects.

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