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Importing Logo

 I'm trying to convert a company logo to svg through illustrator.  The original logo formats that I used have been .png, psd, pdf.  When I use the png file and load it into my videoscribe timeline, I lose the control capabilities and I have to shut down. PSD and pdf do the same.  Any thoughts?


If I understand correctly, you have been trying to import jpg, psd and pdf images into videoscribe, and it has not been working, so now you want to convert one of those files to SVG format.

What is the file size of the images that are causing videoscribe to freeze?

You should be able to optimize your image file size to less than 250 KB without noticeable quality problems. Properly made SVGs can usually even smaller. Bigger sloppier SVGs and other images may work in some cases too... but may contribute to slowdowns, crashes or freezes.

videoscribe does not import PDF or PSD images.

official tutorial video for making SVGs:

tips for making SVGs that work well:

you can search the internet or youtube if you want tutorials about optimizing images for smaller file sizes

-Mike (videoscribe user)
Hi Mike,

Thanks for the links.  I'll check them out.


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