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'Play' watermark appearing in top-right when publishing to PowerPoint

After publishing a scribe to PowerPoint, I am getting a watermark of a 'play' symbol in a white circle appearing as per the screenshot (taken in PowerPoint, showing the opening frame).

This image is not part of the scribe, and does not appear when editing the sribe within Videoscribe.

I'm out of ideas. Anyone?

Hi Luke,

Sorry that you are having this issue.

As we will need to ask you for some details I have converted this post to a ticket. You should receive an email from our support team shortly.


SYMPTOM: video in powerpoint shows a play icon in the upper right corner.

Non-videoscribe users of powerpoint have reported the same symptom:

Do you use flip4mac?  here's a picture of  flip4mac's symbol:

I think it is the same symbol you are seeing, so you may be able to disable it in flip4mac otherwise you may have to uninstall flip4mac

Hope that helps,
Mike (videoscribe user)


If the problem is flip4mac, or anything else for that matter, Would you mind posting your results for future users experiencing the same problem?

Mike (videoscribe user)


I uninstalled flip4mac; however, I'm now unable to play the Videoscribe output in PowerPoint.

I get the message, "An additional plugin in required to play back all media in this presentation." with a download button that brings me to a Windows website where I can purchase flip4mac (see attached screenshot).

Is flip4mac required to play Videoscribe output to PowerPoint on macs?

according to my searches, the problem only occurs in the current version of flip4mac and not in older versions. microsoft plans to fix it in the next version.

if you can find an older version or wait for the next version, the symptom may disappear

-Mike (videoscribe user)_


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