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I like the large library of music. There should be a way to lower the sound or raise the sound throughout the video. I like to open with the volume up and then reduce the sound when I'm speaking. For now, I am doing the audio files in Audacity. But it would be nice to be able to do it in the tools section where we can change draw, morph and move in. 



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Yes, a basic "Auto-Ducking" feature for when onboard music is used would be a great addition.

I agree. This is a main missing feature for me.

Hi Ely, are you from Ely UK ? I lived in a small city called Ely


Hi. No. I'm from the states, but I'm in the Czech Republic. It's actually short for Elysa. I've wanted to visit Ely. My Chinese friends call me Ely like the city and I call myself Ellie. :)

Hi Ely,

Good idea.

We are going to make a big change in the music area soon and this could be something that will enhance these changes further down the line.

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