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Background textures & Image/Text Opacity (RR-1001)

The Background Textures option is nice; it allows for softer contrasts between BG and

Text or Images. But it always shows thru the Text and Images, as though they have less than 100% opacity.

Please make the BG Textures truly BG.


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The default background behaviour is perfect if images are drawn. In this case it gives a realistic touch to see the texture of the canvas. But it doesn't seem natural, if images are moved in and should lay on top of the canvas. So I would prefer a checkbox in the object properties to define if the background shows through or not.


 I'm a new user to VideoScribe and starting experimenting with using backgrounds. I seemed to simulate a black and dark green chalk board using background colors and one of the textures but now all my objects, images and text. have some invisible property for opacity. My white text appears to show the black and dark green backgrounds. My images are set to "100%" solid but that setting is not accurate because I can see the background bleed through the images and text.

Please add functionality to backgrounds that allow individual object text and image opacity (solid?) to be respected by non-basic backgrounds.

This has been passed to our development team and it will be considered for future development.

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