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How to export / save the video crude data without the soundtrack?

Partners of us want to give some of our videos another soundtrack (means another voice to lay behind) instead of the one we already have. They want to use their software to do this. We used VideoScribe.

For this purpose we habe to give them the VideoScirbe-Video but without the existing soundtrack. How can we manage this?

We have a licence of VideoScribe Pro.

I don't know anything about the software because the video was constructed by a colleague that is no longer here...

Thank you for a detailed instruction!


could you please let me know which version of VideoScribe you are using as the instructions will differ depending on this.

To find this out you can look at the videoscribe icon in the dock/taskbar when the software is open.

If the icon is a couple of blue triangles then it is version 2.

To remove the voiceover in version 2:

1. open the scribe

2. click the soundtrack icon at the top .

3. click the trashcan icon to remove the current sountrack 

If the icon is a grey pen then you are using version 1.

To remove the voiceover in version 1:

1. open the scribe

2. click 'Select or remove soundtrack' 

3. select 'no track' .

I hope this helps.


When you have done this, save your scribe and publish as a video file by clicking the render icon:  and choose 'Create a video file' .

Then choose the video settings you require 

Hi Matt,

thank you so much for giving us this detailed instructions. It worked perfectly :-)

(We are using version 2.)

After removing the soundtrack I added:

= "Add or change the voiceover for this scribe", and if there existed one I deleted this in addition.

Again, thank you for your helping us :-)

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