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Illustrator Drawing Question


To understand my question, please import the attached drawing.scribe to video scribe.

I get a lot of my SVG images from shutterstock. Even though it is an SVG I have to use Illustrator to add invisible strokes so the drawing of the image looks more natural in video scribe.

If you look at the attached drawing.scribe, the image on the left is the original shutterstock image. When it draws, it only draws the mouth and eyes and the rest of the image just appears.

The image on the right is the same image except I added invisible pencil strokes so it drew more naturally.


Notice how the image on the Right still draws the mouth first like the original image on the left and than draws the remaining image according to the invisible strokes I added.

Is there a way in illustrator to remove all of the original drawing and have it only draw the image according to the invisible pencil strokes  added to the image?

Thank You

Hi Dan,

the reason that the mouth is still being drawn is because there are paths on the image in that region.

VideoScribe works by following the paths of SVG images.

When you add more paths, i.e. the invisible strokes, you just add to the existing paths already present.

I have removed the paths by the mouth area on the original image and attached it.

You will need to add the invisible strokes again as it was very difficult to pick out the unwanted paths on the image that already had the invisible strokes added.


 Hey Matt

Thanks for the reply but that isn't what I wanted

I appreciate you doing it for me, but I would rather know how you do it. So could you explain how you removed the Path that was drawing the mouth?

When I tried to remove the path, the mouth disappeared.


Hi Dan,

Here is a video that shows how to find those paths that were being drawn and delete them.


Wow...thank you very much for that


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