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timeline problem - please tell me there is a fix for this soon

please see attached photo ... i run in to this problem all of the time now ... i  was in the middle of editing this video and this happened.  i did not move anything .. i added a text frame and then went to edit the time,  then one frame disappeared and the other fell to the back...    i save it to the online cloud but then when i checked it its fixed all of the objects are there on the timeline ... but please feel free to see if there is anything on your end you can find or any info you can pass on to tell me how to get this fixed ... thanks  

Hi Joe,

we are aware of some issues using the timeline on larger scribes that use a lot of memory.

Difficulty using the timeline – random results when performing specific tasks .

This problem is related to memory and primarily affects large scribe projects or scribes with a lot of large image imports.

Workaround :

Save your project, close VideoScribe down and restart it which will clear the memory and allow you to continue working.

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