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Could you please post up my question regarding crashes due to the Videoscribe animation?


I would have liked to have read other users experiences of this and maybe some tips to avoid it is a big problem for me.

I posted yesterday: "I would suggest Sparkol ditch the "Video Scribe" animation that pops up after editing a hand style"

Searching for this brings it in the search, but clicking the link (as above) shows a dead link.

Surely some mistake guys?


Hi Stephen,

We're really sorry about this- there has been an error in our system and some posts were not displaying correctly, or being sent to the support team to look at. This is why it has taken us so long to reply to your posts. Please accept our apologies for the delay this has caused in resolving the issue you are experiencing. We have resolved the problem with our system and this should not happen again. A member of the support team will reply to your other post shortly.

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