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Attach audio files to elements and audio track in timeline (RR-601)

Hi, is there a way to attach multiple music files (voice or music) to scenes at the story board?  This would be fantastic.


In my imagination, there would be a separate audio layer which runs parallel to the story board. We would be able to add different audio files, attached to a single scene. The advantage is that we doesn't have to stretch the scenes (or audio) if we extend the scenes multiple times => and Image + Audio would be synchronous at all time.


For example:  I use a introduction scene without audio. Then background music starts at the second scene and stops after this scene is finished. Another file then uses voice over for some explanations. It is needlessly complicated to edit a audio file with an external editor just to match the storyboard (which is probably changed a 100 times during creation).





PS: English is not my mother language, hopefully it came clear what i'm talkign about :-)

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hi, are there news about "attach multiple music files (voice or music) to scenes at the story board?"

I cannot believe that his topic has been around so long, has had such universal interest, and can make such a big difference in the value this product could have to its users...and has still not been aggressively addressed by its developers! Without this feature, I cannot use this product conveniently enough to prefer it over its competition! And I've been harping on this for more than a year or two. C'mon guys! Either DO something about it or tell us why you can't. 

Ellis, I have answered this the best I can for you on your other post -

Hi, my requirement is to get explain an  2  mint audio with animation of image get completed in the 12 seconds.

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