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Upgrading 2.0 to 2.01

 Is it so? When I upgrade new version I have to remove older one, allways.

Hi Pirjo,

you should be able to just install over the top of the old version.

You will have to close the software of course.


I did just that. Surprise, surprise I can find two different versions of the software in my applications folder. What am I doing wrong? Could you give me advice on what I should do? Is it better, I uninstall older and reinstall latest 2.0.2. I am a mac user, VSpro license.


If you are having problems installing then drag the application icon(s) from the Applications folder to the trash and empty the trash.

Then open the DMG file that you downloaded from our website (we have 2.0.2 available).

I recommend you download the latest version.

You will then be able to drag the application to your Applications folder.



Thanks for your answers! Everything is working again.




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