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Trying Videoscribe for the first time. two questions


1. is it possible to have say music as an introduction, then change to voice recording then insert a sound and say finish with music? (all within Videoscribe rather than creating a separate sound track)


2. when creating an SVG file why does "the hand" not follow the sequence the diagram was drawn in - I would like the elements to appear in sequence


look forward to hearing from you





1) Videoscribe does not have audio editing features except for record or import. You can use audacity or some other audio editing software to make the audio do that.

2) Anything that you draw in illustrator or inkscape will usually draw in the same order in videoscribe, However imported jpgs or pngs , or "autotraced" drawings will draw in a more random order. If you have a question about a specific SVG, you should attach it here for feedback.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


You can have two audio tracks on VideoScribe - one voiceover and one soundtrack. 

You can record the voiceover within the software or import an MP3, you can also import an MP3 soundtrack or use a library soundtrack.

If you would like the voiceover to start later on in the scribe then you would need to record the appropriate amount of silence at the beginning.

VideoScribe draws whatever is ‘at the back’ first and finishes with whatever was drawn last or ‘nearest’ the front. Keep this in mind when making the strokes so that drawing of the finished image flows.

Please see the following post for more info:

I hope this information helps.



Hi Matthew,

I have created my project in VedioScrib then I added small music which is around 0.44 sec on the first seen then I have recorded my voice from next seen but when I finished my recording and I confirm to process then software does not process and it get stuck then I have end the forcefully the windows and nothing gets recorded execpt the music which I have set for my first seen.

My total Vedio Project seen length is 5:0 Min
I am using Wndows 10 version of operating system

Could you please help me ?

Thanks and Regards

Om Gharote

Om, with a specific issue like this we would need to take a closer look at your scribe. What we will need you to do is log a support ticket and then save a copy of the scribe to your cloud directory. We will be able to take a look at the file to see what the issue may be.

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